HDR Trucking FAQs

Do you ship from Canada to the US?

Yes, most of our customers require freight shipping from southern Ontario to the United States of America, and we regularly run STL and LTL shipments to major cities in the US.

Do you ship from the US to Canada?

Yes, we can ship freight from the US to Canada, which helps us maximize the space available on our trucks on their return journey from the USA to Canada. Call us for full details of the areas we cover in the US.

Are you able to ship refrigerated goods?

Yes, we are able to ship any goods requiring temperature control, using our fleet of temperature controlled trucks and trailers. Our drive round is suitable for produce requiring good airflow but not necessarily refrigeration or heating.

Do you carry dangerous or explosive loads?

No, sorry, we do not carry potentially hazardous freight.

I need some freight shipped to the US but not a whole truckload. Can you help?

Of course! We offer both full truckload and less than truckload shipment options, so you can ask us to deliver as little as one box or as much as we can carry! Several of our customers, for example, ask us to ship just two or three skids as a time.

I need warehousing for goods near London, Ontario

We offer both short-term and long-term storage in our dry, secure warehouse near London, Ontario. We can store as little as one skid for you, or look after a complete shipment until you're ready to have it delivered to your premises. Call us for details on 519-245-8228.

I need a delivery made in a hurry but my freight is too big for a courier. Do you do an emergency or overnight service?

Our expedited delivery service offers last-minute, same day, overnight, and express delivery options both within Canada and to the USA. If you are local to us, we could collect your freight for delivery in under three hours. 

I need an oversize load delivered cross-border.

With a fleet of flatbed and reefer trailers, we can accommodate many unusual loads, including wide loads. Call us with details of what you need to ship, and will tell you if we can help. Rest assured, will only promised to deliver freight we really can deliver ourselves, and not outsource to a third party.

What's your telephone number again?

Call us anytime on 519-245-8228 to discuss your freight transportation needs in Canada and the US; were always happy to talk through even the most unusual request.


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