Temperature Controlled Freight Shipping from HDR Trucking

As an experienced temperature control freight delivery and trucking company in Canada, we have personal experience of how temperatures for freight on the road can vary from a high of 80 degrees F to a low of minus 20F!

As one of Ontario's leading refrigerated trucking companies, you can rely on us to care for your goods from pick up to delivery. We offer either a FLT refrigerated truck service, or LTL reefer shipping, and we have many years experience in cross-docking and freight logistics to maximize loads and minimize delivery times.

Our fleet of refrigerated trailers, single and multi-temperature reefer trailers, and 53' dry vans ensure that your goods arrive in prime conditions whatever the weather, and however long the 'over the road' trip might be. Whether frozen food, fresh produce or pharmaceuticals, we monitor the temperature levels at every stage, ensuring a constant optimum temperature for your goods.

Our dry vans are fully vented, allowing the crucial airflow required for transportation of vegetables and long life fruits.

Our "Chilled Out" Team!

Refrigerated transport is not just about the vans, it's also about the drivers, so our team are all experienced refrigerated freight truckers who understand the need for regular checks and responsible time scales. Our drivers electronically monitor van temperatures at all times, to ensure the integrity of your goods, whether in full or partial loads. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks and reefers are also regularly inspected and maintained.


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